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We are committed to journeying with you during this COVID19 crisis. 

Let’s stand united strong, taking care of each other during this outbreak. 

Here are some FAQs that can help.

Journey Well.

Updated | 04.26.23

Journey Pediatrics recommends Covid 19 vaccination for kids and adults

as recommended by CDC and NM DOH. To register your child follow this link;

Your neighbors, colleagues, and friends have shared their experiences with COVID-19 and the vaccines. See what they have to say. The Trusted Voices grassroots effort found trusted community members throughout New Mexico to share pandemic response messages with their audiences via social media.
What if I am concerned that my child has been exposed to COVID19?
What if I traveled to or from outside of the state either domestically or internationally recently?
What is the City doing for public services including meal programs for children?