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State of New Mexico Summer Literacy Program
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FREE Literacy Opportunity through State of New Mexico

This summer, New Mexico is buzzing with excitement as it rolls out the Free Summer Reading Program, an initiative set to empower 10,000 students from incoming kindergarteners to outgoing eighth graders with focused reading instruction in small groups led by trained literacy instructors. What’s remarkable about this program is its accessibility – it’s entirely free for New Mexico families, ensuring that literacy enhancement is within reach for all.

journey-pediatrics named top pediatrician in albuquerque 8 straight years
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Journey Pediatrics Named Top Pediatrician in Albuquerque 2024

Journey Pediatrics has once again solidified its position as a beacon of excellence in pediatric care by being named among the Top Docs of Albuquerque for the eighth consecutive year. This remarkable achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to children from birth through their 18th birthday. We take immense pride in this recognition as it reflects the hard work, dedication, and compassionate care our team delivers to every family we serve.


Discover the Reading Advantage for Your Child

Since 2003, The University of New Mexico, Division of Continuing Education has proudly partnered with the Institute of Reading Development, a nationwide leader in reading instruction, to help students build the reading skills they need to succeed plus a lifelong love of books.

Journey Pediatrics _ Understanding your child’s well visit exam (1)
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Understanding Your Child’s Well Visit Exams

At Journey Pediatrics, we understand the importance of proactive healthcare for your child’s well-being. One of the key aspects of pediatric care is distinguishing between a well child exam and an office visit. While both play crucial roles in maintaining your child’s health, they serve distinct purposes.


Navigating Allergy Treatment for Your Child

At Journey Pediatrics, we recognize the impact that allergies can have on your child’s health and quality of life. From runny noses to itchy eyes, allergies can disrupt school, playtime, and family activities. That’s why it’s essential to seek guidance from your pediatrician to ensure your child receives the appropriate treatment.

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